Lets be part of me :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I want you.
I want you to be by me, next to me.
I want you to hold me through all the unwanted tough waves,
through all the pain &, sadness,
through all the loneliness.
I want you to grab my both hands while I am drowning.
I want you to stay, stay and stand still here!
Next by my heart, calming me and noticing me that I am not alone.
Not alone on defeating the tears.
I want you together with me to defence my soul from the evil part of everything that comes by, because its you and it will be only you who have the veto on conquering the entire universe of mine.
Yes it will always be you since the day you knocked my heart with your deed.
Your awesome deed which captured my attention and making me wanting more of you, more of you and yours.
I want you, this naught empty me want you to guide me, to color up my journey.
I want you to hold me tight while achieving my dreams.
I want you to add on variety in my dull life.
Yes my life is different without you, totally zero.
So please can I have you again? With this bouquet of hope, will you let me want you again?

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