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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

orientasi kptm-uitm :)

ehee ;p banyak kut pengalaman time ornted :) hahhah ;p best2 ;p de y tabest ;p normal ah tu ;p an3? mmm.. pe2pn spnjg mggu orntsi ni bnyk aja aku jd lebe mtng,blaja tuk brdkri && talupe gak tuk hargai org2 y len.. in case,family the most la :)) then,friends :)) sedih je doe kat sane bile msk tang family.. sure nanes pnye ah.. mmm.. just wanna say 4 umie & abah,u're the greatest mum & dad dat i've ever have.. no one can replaced both of u :)) i love you so fucking damn damn damn much umie & abah :)) & to all my friends,
sorry for all my mistakes towards all of you :) i love you friends :)) especially my
best buddies :)) && my cakcibo la :))

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todt.. said...

well dear tat's d way life shud b...neu world mean neu experience 2 gain,neu life bring u more time 2 think n 2 value ppl around u can never ever replace a love from ur mummy n daddy..n yes they r both sooper dooper thing u've ever had in ur life n u were the luvly precious manja tat they ever had...ingat pesan apak belajar rajin2 beat ur cousin k...just like u said.."life is wat we make it".....