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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

let gones be by gones :)

okay , here , there we are . after all the tears and fake smiles , i decide to just let it happends . past is past right . and maybe there are just things for us to learn and change to something better . haha . i guess ! btw , i really hope it thought me and of course YOU . haha ;D so , no more bad thoughts . i hate you more , more and more ;D but deep inside ? haha ;D assholeee ;D

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razwa said...

hai.cheers to the following:)

Anonymous said...

Tq 4 following.
The sweetest and best experience in life wld be teenage & 1st love, even if it turns sour ..
In life, there wld alwys b low & high moments + the in betweens ... but they r all invaluable lessons that make us better & tougher.
PS: Hmmm, Perhaps U shld check ur time setting, unless U really dont want it to show our Msian time :)

chibimanje said...

yeah . maybe i should listen all ur advice . btw , thank you a lot dr fauziah . i do appreciate it !